Named after the first president of the United States of America, he is a very serious individual. George, a bald eagle, is the voice of reason. Always pointing out the obvious, but as serious as he can be, George can sometimes be a little crazy. He has a big ego and doesn't like to be proven wrong. No matter how mean he can be to Paco and Nashie, he truly loves that they look up to him and considers them his best friends. Georges' occupation is a court judge.


He's a golden eagle, a total nutcase, loves to goof around and create all kinds of mayhem. Paco takes everything too literally. Tries to improve George's life but doesn't realize he's only making it worse. Paco owns and operates his own restaurant.


A beaver, is not too bright, at times can be very clumsy. Has two personalities, one being a lovable and goofy Nashie, the other one being a serious Mountie(Canadian Police). Follows Paco everywhere he goes, knowing very well that wherever Paco goes fun follows. Nashie is a dedicated Mountie.


 A very vengeful crow, he's George's rival. Something happened between Shadow and Georges' childhood that causes Shadow to try everything in his power to ruin and humiliate George. Not very brave. Shadow is a mailman.


 A Whitetail Deer, is Shadows' right hand man. He's always angry, doesn't like to be pushed around. Only Shadow can push him around. Very brave and tough. Manny is a waiter at Paco's restaurant.


An albino wolf, is a very nice wolf considering his kind are very ferocious creatures. He's a vegeterian, his pals are Shadow and Manny which is weird since their only purpose in life is to vanquish George, Paco and Nashie. He's very corny, full of bad puns. Sal owns a flower shop.