lets talk cartoons
by Danny F. Rendon

My favorite cartoons are on cartoon network. Adventure Time, the amazing world of gumball, johnny test but my #1 cartoon right now is regular show. But the most underated cartoon right now is almost naked animals. It premiered in january 7, 2011, along with the sometimes funny sidekicks. The best character of almost naked animals is duck or archibald william nightindale duck the third, which is his real name. He acts like his dumb but in reality he's a genius, his one liners are dead on funny.Just watching his expression can make any one laugh. Like my character NASHIE, this cartoon comes from the great north country of Canada, and the Canadiens are coming in strong with great hits like Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy and Johnny Test. So if you have any favorite cartoons post them here.

stay tuned for more blog enteries.

oh... and try to avoid the show level up as best you can.